iAlarm is a integrated web based, platform independent solution with Automation of Loans, Audits, Recovery and Monitoring processes. The integrated solution helps banks to accelerate loan disbursals with simple processes to on board customer faster and expedite the loan validation and approval process.  It is one of the most powerful and most secure solution to help decision makers make the best possible lending decision, fruitful audit processes and also keep a tab on the recovery and monitoring after loan disbursement on one platform.

iALARM - The Loan Origination System


iAlarm’s PAAS (Platform As A Service) helps in increasing automation for generating reports, creating appraisal notes, sanction letters, corporate banking reports along with world-class intimation system via emails and sms to keep the borrower and bank connected all the time. The platform helps in bringing a lot of MIS (Management Information System) for the banks to help them take important decisions for marketing and forecasting of business for the financial institutions. Automated rules-driven and tailor made document checklist creator makes it an end-to-end solution to use.


Loan origination is the process by which a borrower applies for a new loan or wants to enhance their existing loans, and a lender (banks) processes that application through a system. iAlarm’s Loan Origination includes all the steps from taking a loan application up to disbursal of funds (or declining the application). We provide solutions to handle loans for both corporate and retail, including notification system and status updates to all relevant people involved and at all relevant time. We help in generating comprehensive Loan Appraisal Reports, Sanction Letter, CMA reporting, Sensitivity Analysis, Break Even Analysis and many more in an automated way.



An integrated solution to your existing Loan Process. A single point of solution for your existing bank users to have a internal concurrent audit or get reports to help external auditors to audit data as per their requirement. RBI compliant audit process helps you the optimize the process of your hectic external auditing, keep ease the whole process during any scheduled or random audit.

iAlarm’s integrated solution to Loan Appraisal and Loan Processing with audit helps it to have a control over all the checkpoints, following the required strict audit process of the bank. Facility to attach scanned documents and also submit reports to auditors helps in auditing faster and easier as compared to legacy system. Audit Reporting and Audit Processes are securely managed with iAlarm’s solution.


iAlarm is built with a complete work-flow pattern in which banks and financial institutions can take appropriate decisions and actions required in case of recovery. Assets turning bad, month-on-month analysis of the collateral and a bird-eye view of the whole borrower’s data and its compliance for regularities that are needed are handled through the recovery platform. The recovery system is designed in such a way that it helps in maintaining records for the borrowers year-on-year data and builds on it to help the bank take make precise decisions.

Collections and Recovery of especially small and medium scale accounts is highly and efficiently processed and collected in the system. iAlarm’s recovery module is integrated with field management and call management configurations as well. Performance and Incentives Management, Strategy Templates and Write-offs management is completely handled through recovery module of iAlarm.



As on Today, avoiding NPAs is not that easy, but with iAlarm’s solution in place; we help you to identify which credit assessments are worth re-verifying. Risk assessment and comprehensive reporting tools helps to make the whole credit monitoring process proactively strong to help you identify risks before they happen. Financial Institutions Credit Risk, Limits, Consolidated Global Limits and Exposure control over the system in a single page dashboard makes it easy to monitor and allows the financial institutions to monitor the limit utilization and limit exposure for the borrower.

Parameter based monitoring for all sectors and businesses on a single-page dashboard is effective for the board of members to take immediate and appropriate decision through iAlarm’s monitoring system. The flexibility to maintain RBI’s limits and bank’s internal limits in monitoring is helpful in real time scenarios.


End-to-end automation of document-intensive loan processes
Generate Score Cards for automated credit risk assessment process
Instant loan summary for Review and Approvals of Corporate & Retail Loans
Flexibility to change the processes without any changes in core application
Automatic routing of the cases to appropriate authority on approved loan limit
Mandatory document check-list displayed at the time of initiation to reduce rejections
Reporting module to present a bird's eye view of the loan status
Web based & secure application with scalability, automation & flexibility


iALARM is an end-to-end integrated Loan Origination system
which improves productivity, enhances quality, and reduces operational risks.



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Accelerate loan disbursals and improve customer experience

iALARM - The Loan Origination System
Structured workflow for routing application to competent authority
Increased Profitability, Improved Compliance with better visibility & control
Decreased operational costs with Faster loan disbursal leading to greater churn in business
Provide internal credit checking, credit scoring and compliance check
Application details, status enquiry & Document imaging & archiving
Support multi-tier rate structure & Generate letters and forms automatically


Comprehensive Appraiser Note
Projection Report & Analysis of each customer
Reports on Sectors, Amount Slabs, Financial Projections
Letter of Sanction as per Bank's specifications
Area/Branch/Regional Specific Reports
Customized Reports as per bank’s need on requirement basis
iALARM - The Loan Origination System


Helping banks to streamline Loan Origination Process with increased profitability.

Decrease in Turn Around Time 80%
Growth in Automation by 35%
Use of RBI & Banks Policies 100%
Increase in Customer Retention 60%





Mr. Arvind NaikRetd. AGM of Reserve Bank of India


Mr. Dinkar NadgaudaCEO, Vidya Sahakari Bank, Pune

Mr. A.D. NayakRetd. AGM Central Bank of India

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